Adding Colour

Happy Australia Day! How lucky we are to live in this beautiful country.

What a wonderful thing watercolour paints are. The way they blend and mix to create never even thought of combinations…they have always been a favourite.

Really when you’re playing with watercolours, no matter how they come – pencils, crayons or pans, they make it very easy to create and oh so much fun.

Before I start with any watercolour I tape my watercolour paper onto my work surface which at the moment is a bamboo chopping board – making it easy to move around.

This image was created backwards to what I usually do. Normally I lay down an outline very lightly in pencil so I can see where it’s going, but with this the colour came first. The background then the flowers followed by a finaliser for definition. It was fun and scary all at once.

I had a lot of fun creating this little watercolour, time for the next!


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