Big, Bold Colour

I love bright colours! Not so much in my clothes but definitely when I create. They’re just so much fun!
This collection of three designs was created using my very much loved Derwent Inktense Pencils. I have had these pencils for a very long time and love the ability to blend like normal watercolours but also go back and add colour without disturbing what I had already laid down.

I created these images in part using the Printable Stamp set Doodle Delicious – bottom image. I selected the stems, leaves and circle flower heads then added in my own detail to complete. It gave a base to work with as well as leaving me free to add my own style.

Enjoy your day,


3 thoughts on “Big, Bold Colour

    • Hi Sue! I didn’t even think that picking back up where I left of on my blog that someone would actually see and reply, thank you 🙂
      It’s my new strategy to keep completely busy with our youngest heading to Uni this year

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