Inktense Pencil Tin PDF

Hi all!  I’ve just completed a pdf printout to go into Inktense Pencil tins so you can quickly see where colours are, and where they go when you’re finished!  I’ve been wanting to do this for ages and finally finished it today 🙂  I really should be doing so many other things, but hey holidays are nearly over and life just gets crazy again doesn’t it?!?  You can find them HERE>>




I hope it comes in handy for those of you with these great pencils!  Enjoy!

For those of you waiting until I finally opened my shop with Sprinkles well it finally is, yay!  I still have plenty more to include.  It has been a much slower process than I would’ve liked so hope you can forgive my tardiness.  SprinkleBerry can be found at this address….SprinkleBerry..



2 thoughts on “Inktense Pencil Tin PDF

  1. Hello, hello good to read your post today 🙂 Thanks for sharing this very useful tool! I’ve downloaded ready to get organised again in March. Hope you’ll design some Andrea Christmas ideas in digital form …….I miss them 🙂


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