Inktense Digi

My long weekend proved very fruitful with the opportunity to play with my Inktense pencils once again….oh how I’ve missed them…and to see how a new set of dig’s I’ve created would turn out!


I chose two images from the set and resized them to fill a 10cm x 10cm square which then went on a final card size of 14.5cm x 14.5cm.

I matted my final image on a panel of black to make the gorgeous Inktense colours pop.


The colours I’ve used to create the scene are: Amber, Leaf Green, Nuetral Grey, Mallard Green, Sea Blue, Thistle, Deep Violet, Fuchsia.


Before printing out my image I was going to add a font script but decided on a simple freehand sentiment in it’s place šŸ™‚

I hope your week is going well!



9 thoughts on “Inktense Digi

  1. Such great colours Andrea. After a long long time deciding I bought some intense pencils last week I haven’t had a good play yet as I have my sewing machine set up but soon! I have chosen my image a little guy you might be familiar with šŸ™‚


  2. Fantastic coloring, Andrea! I’m just getting some practice time in with my Intense pencils and they do get some getting used to. I sometimes get good results, but I have no real understanding yet of what I did right or wrong šŸ˜€

    You mentioned that these floral images are part of new digis that you created. Are they for sale anywhere?

    Cheers and greetings from Germany!


    • Thank you for your beautiful comment! I love Inktense pencils which is probably why I’ve created a few videos using them!
      The new website that will have my digi’s and others should be open very soon and I will announce it here when that happens šŸ™‚


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